Friday, June 26, 2015

Welcome to Do It Yourself Europe


The fastest, easiest way to plan
your own European vacation.
Europe offers a vast array of options for travelers that even those who visit frequently have yet to experience every sight, attraction, museum, restaurant, destination or tour. Since 1981, Avanti Destinations Europe has helped thousands of travelers to all parts of Europe from Scandinavia to the Mediteranean.  And our custom, proprietary travel planning system makes planning your own trip an extremely easy experience as you choose from an amazing range of possibilities ranging from budget to five star.
  • A wide selection of hand-picked full-service and boutique hotels, castles, inns, bed & breakfast, villas, manor houses or apartments from the largest city to the smallest village or out of the way resort.
  • Enjoy unique food and wine programs,
    • cultural tours,
    • off-the-beaten path sightseeing,
    • rail tours
    • and more.
  • Book all of your air both to and from Europe and around Europe.
  • Research and make rail reservations to fit your schedule, or purchase the Eurail or Britrail pass to meet your needs
  • Or consider our creative itineraries are for savvy travelers who want a vacation arranged just for them.  Among the specialty programs we offer in Europe are:
    • Cooking classes in France and Italy
    • Food and wine programs in Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain
    • Castle, châteaux and manor house stays in Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and Wales
    • Rail programs connecting the major cities of Europe
    • Biking programs in Tuscany & Umbria in Italy as well as La Rioja in Spain
    • Self-drive programs in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Wales
    • Villas and farmhouses in Italy
    • B&Bs in Ireland
    • Vespa Tour in Tuscany
Member of the US Tour Operators Association and the American Society of Travel Agents.
Best of all, you're in total control of your personal DIY Europe vacation.  Simply click on the link below to start planning your Do-It-Yourself European vacation.